Where am I?

I feel like I don’t even recognize myself anymore. The person I am…or always believed I was, seems to be slipping away, like I’m crumbling to pieces and revealing a different version of myself that I hate. I’m angry all the time. I get set off by the silliest things. I find myself commenting on Facebook simply to argue or be bitchy when in the past I only ever commented with love and the intent to help. I was loving, caring, soft, with a big heart. Now I feel guarded, angry, stand-offish and suspicious. What is happening to me? I can recognize I’m angry for no reason almost all of the time yet I still feel that way. I end up treating the people I love badly because I am so convinced in the moment that it is deserved  – until later, when I reflect and realize there was no need for it in the first place. My stomach feels strange. Like it’s someone else’s. My heart beats differently. Am I losing my mind?


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