Where am I?

I feel like I don’t even recognize myself anymore. The person I am…or always believed I was, seems to be slipping away, like I’m crumbling to pieces and revealing a different version of myself that I hate. I’m angry all the time. I get set off by the silliest things. I find myself commenting on […]

why’s why’s and more y’s

This week can end any time now. On Saturday, my 47 year old mother (lawyer, community activist, in very good health and shape) fell down the steep set of stairs in her house. She had been feeling dizzy for about a week before falling. When she got up (this was relayed to me by my […]

The struggle continues

It’s been a long, long time since I created this blog. I originally made it as part of a first-year College project and have since deleted posts and moved on. However – mental health is more prevalent in my life now, as a graduate who has moved past college, past the title of “student” and […]